In mid 2018 we began discussions with clients to fully renovate their period style weatherboard home in Ringwood East. We quoted on a standard mid level internal fitout and came to an agreement on price on the proviso that the clients were still undecided on some details such as the extent and finer details of shaker style cabinets, extent of stone benchtops and tiles and plumbing fixtures.

The project was scheduled so that we could begin external work before the owners moved out and once we got to a point where we had to begin work inside the owners would then move out for several months. It’s fair to say the existing house was fairly tired internally and externally, so our carpenters were kept busy removing and rebuilding front and back verandah decks and weatherboards and other external timber components in preparation for the painters to start externally before internal work began.

Once we began the internal work, the scope of the project increased with several rooms at the front of the home originally planned to get new floors and paint were now going to be stripped back to the timber frame and straightened and replastered. This was because the existing solid plaster was cracking and starting to come away from the frame so a new coat of paint or patching wasn’t going to be sufficient. Changes like this are fairly common when renovating a period home as you can never be certain what you are going to find.

The existing floor in the kitchen living area was quite bouncy, even after restumpers had levelled up the subfloor from below, so we removed a sizeable section of floor and rebuilt the subfloor frame and resheeted the area in preparation for an overlay engineered floor. Once exposed, the existing subfloor in that area turned out to have undersized timber for the length it was spanning which was an easy fix once the decision was made to pull up the existing floor.

We experience some construction delays whilst final choices were being made by the client. The resulting choice of finishes was fantastic. A great balance of period features with a neat, modern twist. One of our key goals in working with clients prior to starting construction is to ensure that whenever possible all decisions with respect to the final aesthetics of the home are finalised prior to construction commencing. This ensures that the build schedule is kept on track and that all fixture and fittings are available when required.


The completed renovation looks stunning and the owners loved moving back into their updated home.

Timber period homes tend to require more maintenance and work to restore than brick homes. But who can go past the stunning appearance of a period weatherboard renovation when completed with a builder that has an eye for detail and assists the owner is making decisions about which aspects can be repaired and which need replacing to ensure a high-quality result.