We were contacted by our clients to build 2 large, 4 bedroom, adjoining terrace style townhouses in Blackburn in mid 2017. Our clients already had endorsed planning permits and tender stage working drawings and other relevant documents ready to quote their project. The clients were planning to live in 1 townhouse while renting out the other, so the quality of the build and having piece of mind that maintenance issues wouldn’t occur was very important for them. This was their first development project.

We showed our clients through 2 previous local townhouse projects we’d completed while quoting and working through fixture and materials selections for their project. Soon after we presented our build quote and then fine tuned a few late selection changes our clients chose us to build their project. Like several other clients before them, they told us that they had received cheaper quotes, but after looking through completed projects of each builder they felt our overall value in quality versus cost was the best choice.

Like many projects, building permits, which the owner organised with help from Craft Built Homes took longer to get than the owners would have preferred, but building permits were issued so that we could start at the end of January 2018.

We also assisted in ensuring final working and engineering drawings had changes made to them, so they more accurately represented what could actually be built. Most plans will still have faults when they are completed. We recommend having a specialist independent consultant check construction drawings prior to commencement to remove the risk of expensive alterations to the build. We pride ourselves on picking up issues early enough that they don’t become a major issue, but even then, sometimes compromises have to be made. Having plans checked by an independent specialist prior to construction is a safer bet.


Once construction started, progress rolled along at a good rate. Our clients soon found that a few final selection decisions crept up on them quicker than they were ready for but we gave them plenty of information about the relative positives and negatives of each choice available and helped them to lock in final decisions without too much of a delay to the build schedule. We recommend that all selections are made prior to site commencement if possible, but we understand and are sympathetic to the fact that there will be some decisions or changes during the build. A good custom builder works with the customer to ensure they are confident they have made the best decision for the end result and ensures these decisions are made in time so that the build schedule isn’t delayed.

This project contained several great features including metallic feature brickwork, spotted gum timber patterning and oversized custom pivot doors to the entries, reconstituted Permatimber lining to the garages, wideboard engineered oak floors downstairs and American Oak staircases.

The townhouses were completed and occupancy certificates issued in the early November, putting the project period at 9.5 months. The owners were delighted with the results and are keen to use Craft Built Homes again if they develop again in the future.

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