New Homes

Building a new home is an exciting time and most people want to find a builder that is also excited by their new build. With that excitement come lots of decisions as well. You’ll want to choose a builder that is approachable and takes the time to explain the consequences of the various options available to help you make the best decisions that result in your home being perfectly suited to your needs and comforts.

Craft Built Homes strengths are providing relevant information to help in your decision making process pre and during the build and being able to problem solve to avoid you having to make compromises during construction.

While Craft Built Homes specialises in individually designed homes, we do also, through our membership with Independent Builders Network (IBN), have access to over 100 ready to go house plans. These plans are designed with budget in mind, so as well as making cost savings on plans and preliminaries, the IBN homes are generally cheaper on a square metre rate to build than a custom designed home. By using an IBN design you can get the high quality of a custom home builder at competitive pricing.

We wanted our new home to be energy efficient and so our design specified some rather uncommon materials including prefinished roof panels and polished concrete, hydronic heated floors. Because a builder we approached couldn’t deliver what we wanted, we knew we needed a competent and experienced company who could deliver what we were looking for.

Their honest and open communication, right from the beginning, was exceptionally impressive and continued throughout the building process. Their closely supervised professional team of tradesmen ensured no unnecessary delays and gave us a high-quality finish.

We are delighted with the results. Our home works as planned and we enjoy every moment we are at home.
— Regina | Vermont South

Take a look at some of our recent new home builds.